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Rotary screen printing

上市日期: 2017-11-07
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Rotary silk printing can be applied to various material less than 0.5mm thick. PC panel, PET label, paper label, membrane switch can be manufactured millions pieces per year. 

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2017 - 11 - 07
We provide consistent and reliable flat screen printing service with high quality to meet your requirement.
2017 - 11 - 10
We can provide as many as 7 layer lamination with high precision for our sensor products.
2017 - 11 - 09
We provide different type of CNC machine for 2-D and 3-D cutting and graving services. You can always find one which satisfy your requirement.
2017 - 11 - 08
7 station rotary cutting machine can integrate the multiple lamination and cutting process all in one machine with high efficiency.
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